Our Services Include:

  • Public Relations.
  • Entertainment Consulting- Coaching.
  • Promotions & Publicity in various fields.
  • Coordination and strategic planning of special events, charities, and fundraisers.
  • Talent Management.
  • Communications and Journalism.
  • VIP concierge services.

S.K Ripstein INC

346982_bda47df0ed254ee3879d11ded7c3c6edS.K. Ripstein Enterprises Inc. has been crossing geographic barriers and handling international entertainment since the year 2000. Both the diversity of Hispanics in the USA and other global trends have led to the diverse Latin American cultures’ prosperity. The fact that USA Hispanics represent the fastest-growing group of movie theatre attendees has helped make S.K. Ripstein Inc. a vital promotional tool for the entertainment industry.

Our priority is to promote cultural diversity through entertainment material, via film, TV, plastic arts, literature, general media, new products, projects, etc. These market necessities motivated the birth of S.K. Ripstein Enterprises, Inc. to fill this niche as a complete world-class company.

We offer a new focus on the total quality to the fields of content import/export, talent, and events… We get the best business results for our customers through our new, innovative focus on entertainment in the New Era.

For us, it’s fundamental to offer value-added elements. Of course, we also add the human touch to our services: use of celebrities (called “stars”) in charitable events, like fundraisers for the less fortunate, the most needed, and even ecology. Sometimes our daily lives make us forget to help those in need, and for our firm, it is a key goal, which is made easier with our contacts in the industry.

Our Mission is:
• To continue to export the best of our culture to foreign markets.
• To import the best foreign entertainment to the USA.
• To allow this entertainment and intellectual exchange to help combine the industry’s best!!!!.