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Project Description

Valentina Sumavsky


Mexican / American
Age Range
20 – 30
1.61 m
Eye Color
Skin Color
Hair Color
Spanish / English


  • Singer

Maria Valentina Sumavsky is a Young actress and Singer. She was born on, July 31st 1990 in Los Angeles CA. USA. She Moved to Mexico City at the age of 3 with her mother, also a recognized actress in Mexico and worldwide, Maritza Olivares. She has a mix of cultures in her ethnicity, she has Polish-German & Slovak from his father side & Mexican, Spanish & Arab on her mother’s side.

Valentina knew exactly what she wanted to do in her life at the age of 3, she wanted to be an artist and performer. She entered into acting school at the age of 9 developing her attributes and talent. At the age of 11 she debuted with her first play being the protagonist in one of the most important theaters in the city she lived, ever since she hasn’t stop acting, studying and developing her passion for what she loves the most. At the age of 18 she moved to Vancouver, Canada to studied her career at one of the best acting and industry schools, VFS (Vancouver Film School) she graduated from the  “Acting for Film and T.V. Full time program being one of the best students of her class, ever since she had make short films in Canada, Mexican TV Series and soap operas, musical theater and Films. Also in the music industry she had a solo concert performing classical crossover, and opera-rock style. Also she was the artist invited to perform the Mexican and the Canadian Anthem at the Canadian embassy in Vancouver.



  • “Sobre Tus Huellas” (Movie) Supporting Luis Yduñate (2017) Coming soon
  • “Rosario Tijeras” (Serie) Supporting Teleset S.A. (2016)
  • “Fer Utopia” (Web Serie) Main Sharon Rangel/ .C.E.C.C (2016)
  • “Absoluta Discreción” Teaser TV serie Main Altavision/ Post Dreams (2016)
  • “Las Amazonas” Supporting Salvador Mejia (2016)
  • “Amores con trampa” Principal Emilio La Rosa (2015)
  • “Muchacha Italiana viene a casarse” Principal Pedro Damian (2014)
  • “La Malquerida” Supporting Jose Alberto Casto (2014)
  • “Como Dice el Dicho” Principal Genoveva Martinez (2014)
  • “Shortfilm commercial Toyota” Principal Cortazar –Abbiati (2014)
  • “I’ll keep his things” Lead Larry Kent/VFS Productions (2011)
  • “You place your arms in front of your face” Lead Vancouver Film School (2010)
  • “One afternoon” Supporting Vancouver Film School(2011)
  • “Coffee” Supporting Michael Robinson/VFS Produ.(2011)
  • “Against me” Principal Cristina Tamez/Independiente (2011)

  • “Life is a Dream” Rosaura Diana Sedano (2010)
  • “The Lady on her balcony” Clara Carmen Rodriguez (2009)
  • “Danton´s Death” Marion Diana Sedano/C.C.U (2009)
  • “Contigo Pan y Cebolla” Lalita Sarimé Álvarez (2010)
  • “Los Obstáculos del Destino” Victoria Valentina Sumavsky (2010)
  • “En busca de un hogar” Ratoncilla Rosaura Candanedo (2001)

  • “Too Darn Hot” Bandit Chief VFS Productions (2011)
  • “Cats” Victoria Alejandro Arjona (2008)
  • “Moulin Rouge” Satine Emilio Gomont (2009)
  • “Chicago” Velma Kelly Alejandro Arjona (2007)

  • Acting in front of camera: Kurt Evans, Bart Anderson, Nancy Sivak, Jim Bates & Matt Fentiman.
  • Acting-Andrew McIlroy, Bill Marchant & Cara McDowell.
  • Voice- Ian Raffel, Sheila Langston & Olivia Olsen.
  • Singing – Alisa Kort.
  • Physical Training: Brad Gibson.
  • Movement: Mikal Grant.
  • Improv: Michael Robinson.
  • Voice Over: Trevor Devall.
  • Dialectos: Adam Henderson.
  • Dance: Joey Bothwell
  • CAEMO (Centro de Artes Escénicas Maritza Olivares) Graduate as an Actor and Singer (2000- 2010)

  • Andy Krieger – Intensive accent reduction course
  • Spencer Welch, Rebecca Lam – Speech Level Singing. (SLS)
  • Diana Sedano – Theatre theory & Physical training workshop
  • Rafael Degar – Intensive Acting workshop for Pro Actors
  • C.C.U.- Intensive Scene study and text analysis for theatre
  • Alejandro Arjona- Jazz and classical Ballet for Musical Theatre.
  • Emily Israel – Intensive Opera singing workshop.
  • Rodrigo Mendoza – The synesthesia in Acting
  • Rodrigo Mendoza- Finding perfection in acting
  • Isabel Cortazar & Andrea Abbiati – Intensive Casting & Audition Workshop

  • Heineken (La Banda Films)
  • Encendedores BIC (Azteca Tv)
  • Banamex (Pinhole)
  • Toyota (Azteca Tv)
  • Nissan Torres Corzo (Grupo Mann)
  • Best Buy (Kuter/Kaos Films)
  • Samsung (Social Media Américas)

  • Dramatic Arts Diploma (Esc. de Teatro de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, UANL)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre (Facultad de Artes Escénicas, UANL)

  • Clown Technique Workshop (La Terraza Group, Argentina)
  • Physical Theatre (Marcos Barbosa, Portugal)
  • The Voice & Body of the actor (Dardo Aguirre)
  • The Odin Actor´s Workshop: The Odin Teatret Acting Technique (Eugenio Barba), Voice dramaturgy (Julia Varley), Traces in the snow: Focal Points (Roberta Carreri), Movement & sequences (Iben Rasmussen) (Odin Teatret Nordisk Laboratorium, Denmark)
  • Actor´s Dramaturgy of Image I, II (Marco Antonio de la Parra, Chile)
  • Acting II: Advance Realism Techniques (Teresina Bueno. –CasAzul-)
  • Monologue & Characterization (Teresina Bueno. –CasAzul-)
  • Video/Theatre of the body: Monologue & Character (Marcos Barbosa, Portugal)
  • Film Acting Technique (María Novaro, La Casa del Cine)
  • Playback Theatre Workshop (Ben Rivers, NY)
  • American Acting Techniques: Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler & Lee Strasberg.  (Natalia Lázarus, Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory)



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