Project Description

Tato Alexander






Age Range

25 – 35


1,74 metros

Eye Color


Skin Color


Hair Color

Castaño claro


Ingles: 100% | Italiano y Francés: 80% | Alemán: 20%


  • Artes marciales
  • Comedia
  • Impro
  • Sketch
  • Puppets
  • Canto
  • Piano.

Actress, comedian and improvisator with career in Mexico City and New York. In México she has
starred in more than fourteen plays, five movies and done a lot of comedy sketch work. She gained recognition in Mexico in 2012 as one of the top young theatre actresses thanks to the play “Paisaje Marino con Tiburones y Bailarina” which granted her awards and recognitions by the Theatre Critics Associations in Mexico. She became known to an international audience thanks to the one woman show “A History of The Devil” which had two runs in NYC in 2014 and 2015; the british TV series “Locked up abroad” and the french film “Conversations in México City”; by french director Pierre Paul Pultz. Her theatre translations and adaptations have also reached an international audience like Chicago, Argentina and Iran. Actriz, comediante e improvisadora con carrera en México y Nueva York. En México ha protagonizado más de catorce obras de teatro, cinco películas y hecho bastante trabajo de sketch e improvisación. Ganó reconocimiento en México a partir de la obra “Paisaje Marino con
Tiburones y Bailarina” La cual la consolidó como una de las mejores actrices de teatro jóvenes y le valió reconocimientos y premios. Fue reconocida ante una audiencia internacional gracias al monólogo “A History of the Devil” Presentado en NYC en dos ocasiones en 2014 y 2015, la serie inglesa “Locked up abroad” y la película francesa “Conversations in México City” Del director
Pierre Paul Pujtz. Sus traducciones y adaptaciones teatrales han llegado a una audiencia internacional como Chicago, Argentina e Iran.



“Las Reglas de la Ruina” by director Victor Osuna Palomino, 2017.

“Llanto, Delirio” by director Juan Pablo Cortés, Lux Eterna Producciones. Mexico. 2017

– “ The Alien and I” by director Jesús Magaña. Mexico 2016.*

– “El Aire es Dulce Aquí” by director Juan Pablo Cortés, Lux Eterna Producciones. Mexico.  2015

– “Almas de la Niebla” by director Juan Pablo Cortés, Lux Eterna Producciones. Mexico. 2013

”Conversations in México City» by director Pierre Paul Pultz. France/México. 2011


– “Las Trece Esposas de Wilson Fernandez” Character: Alfonsina. for Blim.

Sketch “Bitch Whisperer” for PM sin Censura.*

Sketch “Súper periodistas” for PM sin Censura.*

“Realidad Aumentada”- Character: Wynona. No Dancing Today Productions.

“Grandes Transformaciones de México”- Character: Carlota. Televisa Special Projects.

“Como dice el dicho” a Production by Genoveva Martinez, Televisa. Lead role, 2010
«Hunting Mr. Nice» from the series «Locked up Abroad» produced by Raw Tv, Lead role: “Mindy” 2013.

Chapter «Mexican Money Machine» from the series «Locked up Abroad» produced by Raw TV. Lead role. “Stephanie” 2011.


“Oleanna” directed by Bruno Bichir. Foro Shakespeare. 2017

“Poema para Tres” Directed by Edgar Muñiz. Foro Shakespeare. 2016

“M.I.N.D” Live sketches directed by Christian Diez. Foro Lucerna 2017.*

“Smartphones” Foro Lucerna, Directed by Zoilo Carrillo 2016.*

“Reir llorando” Teatro Bar el Vicio, Directed by Fernando Rivera Calderón. 2015.*

“A History of the Devil” a monologue by Don Nigro, Directed by Itari Marta. 2014, 2015, 2016. Foro Shakesperare, Foro del Tejedor, Bridge Theatre- NY and Fringe Festival in NYC.
«Asimov» directed by Anabel Dominguez- Foro Lucerna. 2014

«Paisaje Marino con Tiburones y Bailarina» directed by Bruno Bichir. 2012/2013
«Mujeres en el baño» Teatro Bar el Vicio 2013.*
«AmorAtados» Fat Crow 2013.*
«Swimming with Sharks» Teatro Insurgentes 2012

«Divorciadas jajaja» Guadalajara 2009.*

“The Prime of Miss Jean Brody» Lester Martin Theater. Directed by Jonathan Bolt.

– “The Shadow box» Mc Arthur Theater. Directed by Jim DeMonic.

– “A Far Country» Lester Martin Theater. Directed by Susan Pilar

– “Un Fil a la Pat» Mc Arthur Theater. Directed by Jim DeMonic.

*These are part of Tato’s body of work in comedy which is primarily sketch, clown and cabaret, but includes stand up and improv, as well as writing.


“Infinito” Short film by director Marco Ortiz, México City. 2017.

Premios y reconocimientos:

Awards and Nominations

Best Actress in a Monologue- Winner in 2014 by the ACPT Theatre Critics’ Award.

Nominated for Best Actress in a Monologue in 2014 by the Mexican Association of Theater Critics.

–  Nominated for Revelation Actress in 2012 for the play «Paisaje Marino con Tiburones y Bailarina”

–  Best Actress Award in the Film Festival «Gran Fiesta de Cine Mexicano» Celebrated in Guadalajara in 2013 for the film «Aire es Dulce Aquí»