Project Description

Steven Destello





México – USA

Age Range

38 – 48


5′ 7″

Eye Color


Skin Color

Blanco caucásico

Hair Color



Español e Inglés 100% (acento americano)


  • Cantante
  • Taekwondo

Steven was born in Mexico.  He has dual citizenship – Mexico & USA – and speaks perfect English & almost perfect Spanish (a slight little accent).  He grew up in Norway, so he can speak Norwegian as well.

Steven sings in a band.  He started acting late in life.  He usually plays the American or European that speaks bad Spanish.  He’s been in several telenovelas and TV series, playing small parts — Mujeres de Negro (Televisa), Señora Acero (Argos, Telemundo), El Señor de los Cielos (Argos, Telemundo), Blue Demon (Teleset, Sony Pictures, Blim), La Bandida (Teleset, Sony Pictures, TV Azteca, Telemundo), Coleccionista (UTV), etc.

There is no greater fan of TV series and Movies.  So much, that he can’t just sit by and watch.  He wants to help tell the stories and be in the motion pictures.  There’s nothing like a well-told story to move the human heart and emotions, and motivate them and inspire them to be better and make the world a better place.

Steven is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, he has played professional soccer, and is a 2-time Lymphoma cancer survivor.



  • Coleccionista – Season 3 – Malcolm Lowry (guest star in  Ep. 9) (Oct-Nov, 2015)
  • Vino El Amor – (several episodes) (Jul-Nov, 2016)
  • Blue Demon – Jimmy Baxter (Ep. 54) (Aug, 2016)
  • Señora Acero – Season 3 – Russion Mafia (Ep. 53 y 54) (Aug, 2016)
  • Mujeres de Negro – FDA Agent (Ep. 26 y 27) (Aug-Sep, 2016)
  • El Señor de los Cielos – Season 5 – Farmer (Ep. 41) (Sep, 2017)
  • La Bandida – Douglas (2018) filming in Oct, 2017

  • El Rey Nació (papel: Ángel Gabriel) (1998)
  • La Subasta de las Almas (papel: Satanás – al estilo de Al Pacino en «El Abogado del Diablo») (1999)