Project Description

Jenny Kay



Mexican – American



Age Range



1.50 m

Eye Color


Skin Color


Hair Color

Castano Claro


Espanol – Ingles – frances


  • Dibujo
  • Canto
  • Artes Marciales
  • Doblaje

Jenny was born in Chalco, Edo. Mex., in December of 2005. She has dual citizenship – Mexico & USA – and speaks perfect English & Spanish. She is presently studying French. Jenny has been singing her entire life, ever since she was a baby, before she could even walk. She is always singing…in the house, in the van, in her church, at school, etc. Her acting career began in January, 2013, at the age of 7, when Fernando Arau’s son (friend of the family) told her parents to take her to acting classes. After only 1 month, she was chosen for a professional theatre play called “Arx Fabulae presenta: Hanzel y Gretel” (by the producers of “Cats” in Mexico), in which she acted and sang. She went on to film several commercials, for Mexico & USA. She has also modeled for Nine West twice and she filmed a few individual chapters of TV Series. However, her big break came when she participated in La Voz Kids México 1, which aired the month before the TV Series “Paquita la del Barrio” where she is one of the main adolescent characters (Viola, Paquita’s sister) – directed by Javier Solar and Camilo Vega & produced by Marcelo Ferrer. **Her dream is to inspire people through the stories she tells on TV and in the Movies, so they can feel great emotions – laughter, sadness, joy, passion – and move people’s hearts to change for the better.** In her free time, she trains Taekwondo and loves to draw & color. She loves eating tomatoes and loves dolphins, horses & dogs!



  • Película – Proyecto pendiente para filmar en 2017 (no se pueden revelar detalles aún) con Director Yossy Zaghar (Avanti Pictures)
  • Película – «1974: La Posesión de Altair» (estrenó el 7/Abril/2017) – Altair (voz infantil)


  • Serie – Coleccionista (Canal OPMA, UTV) – 2da Temporada – Clío (protagonista versión infantil) (Mar’15)
  • SEP (Canal Educativo) – Varios Episodios (May’15)
  • Personaje: “Hazaña Magaña” (Noticiera/Conductora)
  • Personaje: “Dra. Olga Kay” (Científica Excéntrica)
  • Serie – Susana (no se pueden revelar detalles aún, ya filmó el teaser) (2017)
  • Serie – Imagen Televisión & Teleset (Sony Pictures) – «Paquita la del Barrio» – Viola Adolescente (filmando Nov’16-Ene’17, se estrenará el 25/Abril/2017)
  • «La Voz Kids México» – Canal de las Estrellas (Televisa) – se estrenó en Marzo, 2017

  • Arx Fabulae presenta: Hansel y Gretel (con los productores Christian Fernández y Erik Araiza y Director Fabián Lozano, los de Cats, La Dama de Negro, etc.) 2013 y 2014
  • Valores al Rescate (2013)
  • Ensalada de Comedia (Dic’13)
  • Musical de la Moda (Jun’16)
  • El Musical de Tus Sueños (Jun-Jul’16)

  • La Pesadilla que Despertó al Zombie (2014)
  • Piloto para una Telenovela de TV Azteca (Sep’14 – proyecto de la Universidad de las Américas)

  • Telcel (Dic’13)
  • Fundación Ricard Pernod (Nov’13)
  • Chuck E. Cheese’s (Mar’14) México, USA y otros 3 países
  • Loxcell (Jul’14)
  • Toyota (Oct’14)
  • Margarina Primavera (Mar’15)
  • McDonald’s (Jun’15)
  • Asepxia (Sep’16)
  • Mazola (Nov’16) Mexico & USA

  • Nine West (2014 y 2015) – pasarela
  • Woolworth – 3 veces en 2014 – fotos fijas