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Project Description

Gabby Lecea


Age Range
35-50 años

1.64 m
Eye Color
Skin Color
Hair Color
Inglés 100%



Fluent in American Spanish/English, improvisational skills, natural comedic personality (so rumors say),

Teleprompting, rollerblading amateur, drive stick shift, ability to pick up on accents quickly, swimming, playful with children, witch voice, cooking creativity, entertaining, good w/animals, softball, kickball, baking, quick learner, follow directions well, handling switch board, construction- working with power tools, framing, painting, drywall, lawn mowing, go kart driving, teaching, volunteering, light of the party!
I have also engaged as a local Talent Agent advocating actors’ rights and promoting proper ethic industry behavior. I have also been recruited as an international Talent Scout by an international talent showcase
company based out of LA.
I’ve been granted a talent scholarship at New York Film Academy, New York, based on my performance. I desire to continue my education and study a more specialized Bachelor’s degree in Acting for Film.



Ruli & Meli Mom Asociación Cineastas ITESM/José Corrales
180 Grados Barbara (English VO Dubbing) Next Studios with Fernando Kalifa
Nativos Digitales Mother CEDIM Student Film
The Gina Story Tatyana Popovic Abiyoyo Productions
Fake Fiance Day Jogger Crawfish Productions
Van Wilder 3 Game Fan Van Wilder 3 LLC
Madea Goes To Jail Court Deputy Tyler Perry Studios
The Family that Preys Wedding Guest Tyler Perry Studios
Atlanta Homicide Rickie Garza (CSI Tech) Recurring StarrMaxx Media


La Piloto s2.43 CSI Tech Lemon Films/ W Productions
La Piloto s2.42 Passer by (uncredited) Lemon Films /W Productions
Gigantes De Mexico- Carlos Slim Linda Helú Anima Films/Martin Gueilburt


The Resurrection Mary Magdalene Freedom Tabernacle Church
The Illusive Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West The Actor’s Scene
Jack and the Beanstalk Beanstalk Atlanta Church of Christ
Three Little Pigs Second Piggie Atlanta Church of Christ
Comedy Sketch LuLu (stage & VO) ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico


Snickers Chocolate Bar Mom Latin Works Agency
Gobierno del Estado N.L. Incrédula Mercadotecnia de Emociones
CEMEX University Gabby Torres (complete elearning) Mammoth Films
Gobierno de Guadalupe Mama Movic Films
San Angel Bar & Grill Lady Friend Secondary Bird Films
Swinkles Candy Lead Ultra Films
EMWA Jewelry Extra Movic Films
Joya/Coca-Cola Tia Lead Productora Imaginaria S.A de C.V.
Metalsa Forgettable Laura Shalala Film Productions
Nutrioli Aceite de Soya Mama – Lead Gelattina Productions
Fuerza Civil Comercial Physcologist Movic Films
Los Genarales Restaurant Extra Movic Films
Christmas Festival Master of Ceremonies Consorcio Educativo Oxford
Chick Fil-A Tiffany Ground Floor Video
Lomas Insurance Ligia Castillo Ground Floor Video
Blue Cross & Blue Shield/Fl. Delia Perez Avid Design
Pepsi ( regional) Female Spokesperson (VO) Eduardo LaGrange- Cancun, Mexico

Promotional MODELING

Mercedes Benz Promotional Model Monterrey, Mexico
Cementos Mexicanos Promotional Model Cancun, Mexico
Graduation Show Runway Model Monterrey, Mexico
Volvo Promotional Model Monterrey, Mexico
Nestle Promotional Model Cancun, Mexico
Pepsi Promotional Model Cancun & Monterrey
Camel Lights Promotional Model Monterrey, Mexico


Ya no temas Corazon- Mafer Nun Cerbero Film
It ain’t Over – Maurette Brown Mother Solanta


Gobierno del Estado NL Institutional Voice Mercadotecnia de Emociones
Numerous E-learning Audios Neutral Spanish Female GMVoices
Grupo Bimbo Englsih & Spanish Online Training Videos Next Studios
Proctor & Gamble English Commercial Marketting Strategies
Plaza Fiesta San Agustin Spanish Commercial Diavolo Studios
Penelope Spanish Neutral IVONA Text-To-Speech/ GM Voices
Twas’ the Night before X-mas English Narration Colegio San Patricio Music Dept.
Numerous IVR Spanish Neutral GM Voices
9 years ongoing on monthly basis… Bank of America, T-mobile, MotorolaTech Support, Us Postal Service,
Healthsmart, American Heart Assoc., Allegiant-Air, Progressive Finance, Nationwide Insurance, Cybersource,
just to name a few, and many many more. VO Spanish for animation La Vid Estudio
English curtains in Studio 106 show 7-9pm M-F, Classic 106.9 FM Monterrey Multimedios Radio
Promotional Spanish VO Consorcio Educativo Oxford/ Televisa
Lomas Insurance Female Spanish VO Ground Floor Video
Padres e Hijos Atlanta Female Spanish VO Solanta Productions
Comedy Sketch LuLu (stage & VO) ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico


Classic 106.9 Announcer/Locutora (1 weekend) Multimedios


Actors, Models and Talent for Christ


Scene Combat Laboratory David Colorado CONARTE Nuevo Leon
Master L1 Go In & Get the Job Tom Logan Tom Logan Workshops
VO Character Workshop Mario Filio Talleres Mario Filio
Advanced Professional Dubbing Walterio Pesqueira & Ruben Trujillo CinemaDigital
Basic Improvisation Salvador Jimenez ImproTop/ CONARTE Nuevo Leon
Intensive Acting and Directing Director Luis Mandoki Curso de Cine Luis Mandoki
Commercial Voice Over Mario Filio Talleres Mario Filio/Estudio La Vid
Linklater Method Voice Usage Antonio Trejo CONARTE Nuevo Leon
Advanced Scenes David Gabrell The Actor’s Scene
TV Commercials Aimee Peters The Actor’s Scene
Monologue Jenn Malone The Actor’s Scene
Scenes David Gabrell The Actor’s Scene
Business of Acting Nicolle Rubenstein The Actor’s Scene
TV Commercial Barry Shapiro NYC Casting director
Runway Nicolle Rubenstein The Actors’s Scene
Monologue Joy Pervis LA Talent Agent
Runway and Make-up various trainers John Robert Powers



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