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adriana_fonseca-1Born in the port of Veracruz, Mexico, in a traditional family, being the eldest of 3 brothers. From an early age she approached various arts such as classical ballet, activity that she loved and practiced for a long time. At 15, she first participated in another of his great passions, hosting. «Pasarela Veracruz» was the TV show that put her on the spot.

At 17 years old she traveled to Mexico City, and it was not long before she became part of the soup opera «Pueblo Chico, Infierno Grande». She competed in «El Rostro del Heraldo“ and won as the most beautiful woman. This opened the doors to be part of the soup opera that put her in the map: «La Usurpadora».

Thanks to the success of “La Usurpadora”, Adriana was catapulted to a large number of projects up to get starring roles in «Mujer Bonita» and «Atrevete a Olvidarme», which would occur at the same time after Adriana study acting in Los Angeles.

Adriana has starred in several soap operas and has worked on television series in Mexico and South America. She has participated in film and in theater. The characters she has played have been characterized by a great acting development studio and physical transformation of each.

Under the philosophy of the Kabbalah, Adriana seeks constantly overcome any obstacle in her career. He continued her studies in London and New York, and has worked on programs for the spiritual development of children.





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