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Project Description

Luciano Cherone


Date of Birth
1.76 m
Eye Color
Brown Light
Skin Color
Hair Color
Spanish / English


  • Inglés fluído
  • Bajo eléctrico
  • Boxeo
  • Full contact
  • Manejo de armas de fogueo
  • Animación y conducción de eventos
  • Teatro en bares (en inglés y castellano)
  • Acento español (España y México)
  • Acento italiano, acento portugués
  • Nociones de canto

Born in argentina, luciano raised in the heart of a traditional neighborhood of tango buenos aires, which absorved love of the arts, especially writing and acting. He begann his career studying acting in classical national school “general san martin” learned in which importance of emotions in the profession. Two years later, he moved to barcelona, spain, where continued studying acting in front of a camera in “la bobina” school. From buenos aires he began his carrer plays such as “se mira y no se toca”, “el torturador arrepentido” y “opera panica” among others; and many short films participating in barcelona (some of them in english) recognized spanish producers. After a brief passage in los angeles continued his career in the city of mexico on giving start his real career to take major projects as “el señor de los cielos”, “señora acero” and “los miserables” for telemundo; “quiero amarte” and “mujeres de negro” for televisa, “tanto amor”, “un dia cualquiera” and the movie “campeones” plus many tv commercials and photographies as a model. Also ventured into pressenting shows for corporate events live. Also he became passionate for screenwriting and wrote professionals and television with five films feature writing and a tv series of fourteen episodes. Currently, luciano continues on the way of writing, art and achieve relentless persuit of large projects in the media.



  • Telenovela “Mujeres de negro”   personaje bit                        Televisa
  • Telenovela “Tanto amor”             papel secundario                 Tv Azteca
  • Miniserie “un dia cualquiera”      papel secundario                 Tv Azteca
  • Pelicula “Campeones Mexico”    papel secundario                Realizaciones Sol
  • Teleserie “Señora Acero”            personaje bit (en ingles)     Argos/telemundo
  • Teleserie “Los miserables”         personaje bit (en ingles)      Argos/telemundo
  • Telenovela “Quiero amarte”        papel sec. (en italiano)        Televisa
  • Serie “El señor de los cielos”      papel secundario                Telemundo
  • Cortometraje “Two coffes”                protagonista                                   Isle productions
  • Corto  “Marlow”                           protagonista                               Nou prodigi
  • Corto  “Habitacion 369”              protagonista                               Nou prodigi
  • Corto  “Cambio de compañia”    co-protagonista                     Eram producciones
  • Corto “El movil delator”           papel secundario              TMP producciones
  • (entre otras producciones realizadas)

  • “La capilla sixtina en Mexico” Papel secundario                     Monumento a la Revolucion
  • “Se mira y no se toca”            Protagonista                             Teatro “General San Martín”.
  • “El torturador arrepentido”      Co-protagonista                            Bretema Producciones.
  • “Opera pánica”                    Protagonista                             Teatro abierto Producciones.

  • Spot publicitario Android, Cablevision Yoo, La Costeña, fotos GNP, comercial Corona music, comercial Bimbo, comercial Scotiabank, comercial HBO, comercial Fiberone (USA), comercial All State (USA), comercial Twitter (USA), comercial Liverpool, comercial Bonafont, comercial, Budlight (USA), comercial At&T (USA), comercial Julio regalado, comercial Philadelphia, comercial Phillips, comercial Mc donalds, comercial Nissan, comercial Hello Food, comercial Partido Verde, comercial Colchones America, comercial Tecate light (USA), comercial Iusacell, comercial Sonrics, Segundamano, comcast, julio regalado, Fotos Nutrisa.

  • Escuela Nacional “Teatro General San Martín” (escuela de actuación teatral),
  • Argentina; Escuela “LA BOBINA” (escuela de interpretación frente a cámara), Barcelona, España.




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