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issac-reyes-5Isaac Reyes was born and raised in New York City, where his passion for acting originated. On his way to school, he would watch out for cables and props because many Hollywood movies would be shot on his block.

Isaac Reyes was practically raised on a set. As he marveled at all the action he would say to himself “One day I’ll be in the center of all those lights.” And he did! He later pursued acting in school where he participated in plays and musicals such as Grease, where he interpreted the charismatic Danny Zuko. While in college, he interpreted Shakespeare’s Mid Summer Nights Dream were he played the lead character, Oberon.

He won several recognitions for his outstanding performance at the NYC Shakespeare Competition for Audience Choice Awards.  While Studying in New York, he did his first audition which got him the lead role with the network NBCUniversal- Telemundo in 2012.  After moving to Miami, he was offered the role of Rami, the lead in the film For Familys Sake, directed by Sam Shaib in 2013. He won Best Film Actor in the New York City’s International Film Festival in 2014.  Following his second major role as a professional actor, he participated in the movie titled, Magic, directed by Walter Rodriguez, in 2014. After the film was released, it got accepted in more than a dozen film festivals. This includes the Official Selection at Cannes Film Festival in May 2015. While in France, at an event hosted by California Pictures, Isaac Reyes saved someone’s life. Yes he did!.

Isaac Reyes just returned to Miami from Los Angeles after shooting his first Hollywood movie in 2015.  Isaac is not just a talented actor. He has an associates in Social Science and utilizes what he has learned to help others. He is currently the ambassador of the Zamora Teran Foundation. Together this foundation has managed to give out more than 32,000 laptops to students in impoverished schools in Central America. He also sings and composes his own music and visits sick children in hospitals to inspire them not to give up. Releasing two singles No Debo, in 2013 and No Quiero Perderte, in 2015. Produced by Pablo Manavello, who also produces for Ricardo Montaner.  Better put your shades on folks because a star is born and he is shining bright.


  • Guitarra
  • Canto
  • Improvisación
  • Maestro  de ceremonias.




-For family sake, 2013 (Rami, personaje protagónico). Dir. Sam Shahib.

-Magic, 2014. Dir. Walter Rodríguez. (Selección Oficial para el Festival de Cine de Cannes)

-Express Paradise, 2014, (Ahmed, Per)

-Hacked, 2015

-Breaking Point, 2015 (Migue.l, Lead)

-The break-up nightmare, 2016. Dir. Mark Quod.

-Sinister Squad, 2016. Dir. Jeremy Inman. (Personaje protagónico)

-The Best man, 2016(personaje protagónico)

-The Soirée, 2016 (personaje protagónico)


2014, Best Film Actor durante el New York City International Film Festival por su actuación en For family sake.

Isaac Reyes recién regresa a Miami después de filmar su primera película en Hollywood durante el 2015. Isaac no  es solamente un talentoso actor, posee un Associate Degree en Ciencas Sociales y aprovecha sus conocimientos y  experiencias para ayudar a otros. Actualmente es embajador de Zamora Teran Foundation. Isaac ha protagonizado  diferentes comerciales para la cadena Telemundo durante el 2015 y 2016. Su carrera musical también se ha ido  conformando de éxitos, como cantante y compositor ya ha lanzado dos singles No Debo, en 2013 y No Quiero  Perderte, en 2015. Ambos producidos por el reconocido Pablo Manavello, quien ha trabajado y producido para  Ricardo Montaner.



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