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Gustavo Pedraza


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Gustavo Pedraza is a Mexican American singer and actor best known for roles in telenovelas like ‘Marido en alquiler’, ‘En otra piel’ and ‘Eva la trailera’.

At the beginning of his career Pedraza went on to pursue acting at the Ligarde Actors Studio with the prestigious award winning Mexican actor Sebastian Ligarde in Chicago.His intense commitment fine tuned Pedraza’s acting skills.

Born in Mexico on February 13, actor Gustavo Pedraza’s first role in the popular Univision Telenovela ‘El Talisman’ (2011) brought him to the spot light. That same year major roles followed,he acted in the hit love story, ‘El rostro de la venganza’ (2012) playing Doctor Jorge Castillo. Breaking out of Psychiatric Dramas,Pedraza won the role of Mario Lopez in the international Telenovela ‘Marido en alquiler’ (2013),brought life to the infamous villain the Rottweiler in ‘En otra piel’ (2014) and ‘Ruta 35’ (2015) playing Mexican Mobster Alejandro Mendoza.

On the next several years Pedraza continued working on Telenovelas like ‘Bajo el mismo cielo’ (2015) and ‘Eva la trailera’ (2016) a modern Mexican drama focusing on two men who become enemies fighting for the love of a self made millionaire sharing credits with Vanesa Bauche and Edith Gonzalez.

Not only do we see Pedraza acting on the prime time screen but we can also follow him as the official face of the 2016 ‘’ National promo campaign in both English and Spanish markets. An up and rising Latin artist that also follows his Mexican heritage as a Mariachi singer where currently he is working on his first Album.

Pedraza has one Child, son Michel Alessandro (born on May 5th 2013) with recording Puerto Rican singer and song writer Jenilca.



  • Una Y Otra Vez Miguel (Supproting Role) Independent Film Antonio Mendez Prod. 2009
  • Seguridad Insegura Carlos (Lead Role) Independent Film Little Mkey Prod. 2011


  • Gigantes Del Manana Sabado Gigante(Finalist) Talent Show Univision 2003
  • Objetivo Fama 3 Univision(Semi Finalist) Talent Show Univision 2006
  • Asi Es La Vida Gaviotas (Lead Role) TV Series Telefutura 2007
  • Verano Ardiente Tommy (Lead Role) TV Series Wapa PR 2009
  • El Talisman Tomas (Supporting Role) TeleNovela Univision/Venevision 2012
  • El Rostro De La Vengansa Jorge C. (Guest Star) TeleNovela Telemundo 2012
  • Marido En Alquiler Mario Lopez (Supporting Role) TeleNovela Telumdo 2013
  • En Otra Piel Rottweiler (Supporting Role) TeleNovela Telemundo 2014
  • Bajo El Mismo Cielo Casper (Supporting Role) TeleNovela Telemundo 2015
  • Ruta 35 AlejandroMendoza(Supporting Role) TeleNovela Venevision 2015
  • Eva La Trailera Esteban (Supporting Role) TeleNovela Telemundo 2016
  • My Life Is A Telenovela Gustavo Pedraza (Lead) Reality TV WE TV 2016


  • Univision Jingle Singing Christmas Jingle Chicago Local News Univision 2009
  • PLS Checking Actor Company C National 2011
  • Carson’s Pirie Scott Actor Creative Edge Productions National 2011
  • Domino’s Pizza Actor Univision National 2012
  • Actor Palomera De La Ree National 2016