Project Description

Graciela Ocampo


Age Range
1.59 m
Eye Color
Skin Color
Light Brown
Hair Color
Dark Brown
English, French, Spanish


  • Piano
  • Horse Riding
  • Violin

He began his studies at the improvisation workshop with Lucio Herrera at Argos Casa Azul, while studying the French Theater with Alexandre Doyhamboure, in which he presented the play “La Dame Chez-Maxime” by Georges Feydeau, Môme Crevette. She later participated in the first Spanish acting course offered at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theater in Los Angeles, California, led by Elia Schneider, writer, director and producer of Venezuelan theater and cinema. To immediately attend a year at the Virginia Fábregas Cultural Center. Years later, he resumed his studies with several workshops for casting and cinema, as well as workshops at Casa Azul with Eduardo Arroyuelo and with Manuel Latasa member of the Actor’s Studio New York. He is currently participating in a theater workshop with Alexandre Doyhamboure in the French Alliance.
In 2015 he plays Alfonsa in Carlos Múgica’s “In Arms of Another”, and immediately interprets Jazmín in the play “Girls do not want to be princesses” by Alex Aguirre both in Micro Theater Puebla. Then in the months of October and November he plays Luisa del Carmen “La llorona” in the work “La leyenda de la Llorona” at Foro el Foco. At the same time IFAI commercial in television, radio and printed media, as well as secondary participations in the Gendarmería and Meticasp spots. As well as participation in various short films, being the most recent “Compañera” short participant of 48hourFilmProject interpreting Grace. He starred in “Nadia” in the short film “Nadia or El Miito de Perséfone”. I participate in the short film “La Lista de Mama” with the character of Mama for the project of Izzi and contest of MOFILM by students of Tecnológico de Monterrey. She participated in the Blue Demon Series with the character of Nadia, as well as playing hostess Girl in the series Synchrony of BLIM. He starred in the short film “22 Hours” Puerta Negra Films. She played Daniela in the short film “Deseo Prohibido” by the SAE Institute. She played a Porfirian Lady for the documentary series “Streets with History”. I also participated in the Short Film “Esa Noche” of the Russian Institute of Film and Performance in which she played Regina, a co-feature. Graciela is 100% fluent in English and French, lived in France for one year and in Uruguay for six months, being in the beautiful city of Montevideo where she had her first participation in a short film, which was made by students of the Film School Of Uruguay to promote the film career and projected as a spot in the



  • Ensayo Cinematográfico “LAPSUS” dirección Michelle Ordorica. Nadia (Protagonista) en Cortometraje “Quien es Nadia” ITESM
  • Leslie (Protagonista) en Cortometraje “22 horas” de Puerta Negra Films.
  • Mamá (co-estelar) en Cortometraje “La Lista de Mamá” para MOFILM e Izzi. ITESM
  • Daniela (co-estelar) en Cortometraje “Deseo Prohibido?” para el SAE Institute
  • Mamá (co-estelar) en Cortometraje “Lazo” de Casa Luna Films
  • Ente (co-estelar) en cortometraje “La Entidad” para Centro de Estudios Cinematográficos INDIe
  • Regina (co-estelar) en Cortometraje “Esa Noche” para el Instituto Ruso Mexicano.
  • Erika (esposa) en Cortometraje “Conducta en los Velorios” de Guajiro Producciones.


  • -Secretaria de Candidato Moravia, Serie “Falsos Falsificados” Teleset.
  • -Mujer Testimonio 5, Serie “La Doña” Argos
  • -Hostess, Serie “Sincronía”  Bloque 2, capítulo 3 “para BLIM.
  • -Dalia embarazada capítulo 31-32, Serie “Blue Demon” Teleset
  • -Dama porfiriana, “Calles con Historia” La Araña Films
  • -Chica del Bar, Serie “Paramédicos” de MVS.


  • -Luisa “la llorona” en La leyenda de la Llorona Octubre-Noviembre 2015 en Foro el FOCO
  • -Jazmín en “Las niñas ya no quieren ser princesas” Prod. Alex Aguirre en MicroTeatro Puebla
  • -Alfonsa en Obra “En Brazos de Otra” Prod. Carlos Mujica MicroTeatro Puebla
  • -Irina en Puesta en escena de “Las Tres Hermanas” de Chejov para Taller de Teatro.
  • -Hija Ubarry para obra de Teatro “Las Ubarry” de Oscar Liera
  • -La Mome Crevette  en“La Dame Chez-Maxime” puesta en el LFM Polanco


  • -Entrevistas para Caribe Café TV Tláhuac redes sociales
  • -Entrevista en inglés para grupo alemán “Andhim”  :PartyMakersTV en redes sociales.
  • -Reportaje sobre “Ángeles Peludos” y “Colecta de Ropa Navidad”, InfluentialMX Redes sociales.


  • -Chica seguridad, Spot Tren Suburbano, Paulina (Principal), 3er Spot, Redes Sociales para Telefonía HerMobile, Secundaria video interno para McDonald’s, Novia video de interno Secretaria de Movilidad, Principal para el IFAI en Televisión, Radio y Medios Impresos, Secundaria Comercial  Gendarmería del Gobierno de México.