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Project Description

César Romero “Sissa”


Age Range
20 – 35
1.66 m
Eye Color
Skin Color
Hair Color
Inglés 50%


  • Acróbata aereo
  • Cantante
  • Coreografo
  • Maestro de yoga
  • director de escena.

He began his five-year training in Olympic gymnastics at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa and continued his training at the José Limón School of Contemporary Dance, at the same university. He is part of the Sinaloa Dance Company “Sinalodanza” under the direction of Héctor Chávez. Performed in Mexico City the career of Interpreter of Concert Dance in the Academy of Mexican Dance of Fine Arts. He has participated in the most important dance and theater festivals in the country. His training is based on the knowledge of various techniques obtained in high level courses such as dance theater, singing technique, butoh dance, ballet, release, bar to the floor, acrobatics, contortionism, aerial dance, balance, hand to hand and cabaret, among others.

His work is defined as an integral experience that incorporates circus acrobatics, singing, contemporary dance and acting, as well as a deep work in the discipline of scenic yoga (scenic technique explored and developed by Cesar Romero) meditation and Study of the spirit to incarnate the movement in scene. She has played an important role in the INBA-UNAM awards for choreographic composition alongside groups such as Zebra Danza Gay, Humani Corpus, Eros Ludens, among others. In 1999 he won the Best Choreographer Award at the José Limón International Festival on International Dance Day. Also in 1999 he played the leading role of the musical Broadway Rent, which achieved the recognition of the public and the Mexican Association of Theater Critics, winning the Male Revelation Award in Musical Theater. In the Camera Company Circo Raus, she worked as a teacher, choreographer and interpreter of the Beauty Salon season at the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Theater in Cultural Center of the UNAM. In 2000 he gave birth to his contemporary dance and circus company Eros Ludens (transgression of the body) and in 2002 he toured in France with the Zebra Company and in Barcelona with Eros Ludens. In August of 2003, Eros Ludens appeared in the Palace of Fine Arts with the work The emptiness of the stars within the season “Drawings of other worlds”. In that same year he promoted his record material Sissa, with which it obtained the prize to the Best Show of the Year.

2015 – CURRENT
Guest as couch and aerial choreographer for the musical “MAME”.
He currently teaches scenic yoga courses, aerobatics, and a deep work in workshops of human potential and awareness development focused on scenic art.

Choreographer of the air show for the inauguration of “The Central American and Caribbean Games” in Veracruz. Invited to direct the show for the gay pride march “LGTB 2014.

He obtains the prize to the best actor in the film festival of glass screen with the short film “Under the Last Roof”.

César Romero begins the year 2012 with the night show for the commemoration of the 150 anniversaries of the Battle of Puebla, on May 5. That night, Romero premieres an air piece that pretends to be part of the History of Mexico as one of the most representative and outstanding shows in its kind of our country. He is also invited to participate as an aerial choreographer for the G 20 international event in Los Cabos, Baja California. Romero is also part of the March for Gay Pride in June with the premiere of his single “Castígame”, belonging to the record material Sissa species in extinction. Involved in projects such as the short film Under the Last Ceiling, César Romero currently teaches courses and prepares new talents in dance and contemporary circus for different companies, from the interior of the Republic as well as from other countries.

Begins 2011 with presentations of the above show The pleasure of our language directed by Ofelia Medina. He continues to give professional courses in contortion, acrobatics, aerial dance, and high-performance conditioning in different institutions and prestigious companies. In May, Romero participates as director, choreographer and performer of the show Solo who loves fly for the Tabasco Fair with a month and a half season. In June presents the show Sissa species in extinction during the Cultural Sexual Diversity Week at the Museo Universitario del Chopo. Meanwhile, Romero continues with the show Synchrony of the circus with the company Eros Ludens for the Fair of Pachuca. He was invited to participate as an associated air choreographer for the inauguration of the Pan American Games held in Guadalajara, Jalisco. In the same way, at the end of October Romero mounted the aerial spectacle for the anniversary of the Radio and Television Communication Chamber, an event organized by Mexico City’s Marcelo Ebrard. On December 31, César Romero dismissed the year by participating in the show Las Doce Campanadas for the program on TV Azteca with his company Eros Ludens.

César Romero begins 2010 teaching scenic yoga classes and integrating aerial dance until a renewal of the new circus trends in contemporary circus festivals. Romero is invited as choreographer in the celebrations of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Mexico, frame where the show Vuela México premiered the 15 September. In this show, 24 aerial dancers perform flights that combine yoga, acrobatics and dance. Romero is also invited as an air dance choreographer for the show Yo México with a season that goes from November 11 to 24, achieving total success. At the end of November he is invited as an air choreographer and performer to the show El placer de nuestra lengua, directed by Ofelia Medina, with the special participation of Rubén Albarrán from Café Tacuba and Franceska Guillén. The year ends with presentations by Sissa, beyond the obvious.

Next to Jef Johnson, Cinthia Beranek and Stephan Choiniere, in 2009 César Romero is integrated as a circus performer in cabaret shows with the cast of Cirque du Soleil. In addition, Romero debuts in April the show The Secret of the Butterflies at the International Festival of Dance José Limón, achieving a successful tour. Meanwhile, Romero continues to teach acrobatics, yoga, and circus classes at the Capoeira International Encounter, the first generation of the Circus School in Puebla and the National Company of Classical Dance. He participated with the company Zebra on a successful tour as a dancer and guest singer, with performances at FES Acatlán, at the Teatro de la Danza (on International Day of Fight Against AIDS), at the San Luis Lila López Festival, and In the Festival of Mérida.

In 2008, César Romero launches as a representative singer of the gay community and for human rights, equality and diversity. In this work, its musical concept integrates dance, music, acrobatics, circus and cabaret, profiling itself as a fresh, youthful option open to all audiences. As a singer, Romero has had successful presentations, for example in the XXX March of LGBT Pride; At the International Congress to Combat AIDS; At the Mexican Fiesta in Japan; And at the Tuxtla Fair at the Teatro del Pueblo. It has also garnered successes in private events and gay clubs.

2006 – 2007
At the beginning of 2006, Romero directed the 475-year-old Memorial of the Puebla Foundation, and later joined the cast of the play Hoy no puedo levantado, directed by Nacho Cano and José Manuel Lorenzo. In April of that year, he presented himself as director with his company at the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Forum, at the Centro Cultural Universitario, with the work Elegías on International Dance Day and, on the same day, at the Center National of the Arts. Throughout the year, and until February 2007, Romero continued as an interpreter in the musical Today I can not get up.

In 2004 he premiered the work Omnipres with the Eros Ludens Company at the José Limón International Dance Festival in Culiacán, Sinaloa. Subsequently, in that same year he presented with this last work in INAH in the framework of the Festival of Sexual Diversity. In the middle also of 2004 and until 2005, obtains the FONCA scholarship corresponding to the category of Interpreters in Contemporary Dance. In the course of that year he also participated as director in the production company Human Zoo and Circus Batz in shows of high format requested by several private companies and brands of high prestige. He participated as choreographer in the show of the Metropolitan Theater for the group the Fifth Station. He also premieres in August with his company the show Elegies for a love and a thousand absences where he participated as director and interpreter. This last work was the result of the aforementioned FONCA scholarship. Subsequently, this work was also presented in San Miguel de Allende at the First Circus Convention in Mexico. Right there, Romero gave a master course of scenic yoga. In December, Romero closes the year in the Zócalo of Mexico City with his company sharing the stage with other Mexican companies



Protagonista de la película Rencor Tatuado. ( estreno 2017)


Mujer, casos de la vida real


Salon de belleza

El placer de nuestra lengua


Musical de broadway Rent con el personaje de Ángel.

Hoy no me puedo levantar de Nacho Cano


Bajo el ultimo techo


Juegos centroamericanos y del Caribe en Veracruz 2014.

Espectáculo vuela México para el bicentenario 2010.

Espectáculo aéreo para el centenario de México 2010.

Espectáculo de los 150 aniversario de la batalla de puebla 2011.

Coreógrafo de la opera Hansell y Gretell en el palacio de bellas artes.

Director de la compañía de artes escénicas Eros Ludens.


Premio como mejor coreógrafo en el festival internacional José Limón.

Premio revelación en teatro musical por Rent el musical.

Premio al mejor actor por el cortometraje Bajo el ultimo techo en el festival internacional pantalla de cristal.

Premio al mejor espectáculo como cantante dentro del festival de la comunidad gay.

Coreógrafo del espectáculo vuela México para el bicentenario de México.

Premio por ser pionero del circo contemporáneo en México.



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